Our Services

AI-Enabled Data Platform

Discover the pinnacle of AI-enabled platform architecture with our leading infrastructure solutions. Our experienced team crafts robust, scalable systems that harness the latest advancements in cloud technology


Over 300+ pre-built connecters ready to go, we can customize connectors or application for your task force to collect data on the grounds. From IoT Streaming to SaaS API, we got you covered.


From SQL, Texts or Images, our solution supports latest transformation framework to suit your use cases.


From DataFrame to SQL to DBT, our solution supports latest transformation framework to suit your use cases.


Our MLOps Pipeline has helped automated hundreds of machine learning models that continuously improve as new data is received, in real-time.

Cloud Migrations

Our global client base is a testament of the breadth of knowledge and capabilities we offer. Our DevOps team have helped large financial institutions, hedge funds, educational institutions, robotics, and more, moved to the Clouds and leverage their technologies.

Infrastructure as code

Define, implement and deploy your Cloud Infrastructure the right way. All our Cloud configuration are automated through code. Minimizing manual mistakes. Repeatable.


We help our clients identify systems that are suitable o convert to Serverless to take full advantage of the power of the Cloud.

Cloud Native

Leveraging cloud native services can help reduce management costs and improve uptime. We help our clients identify the right cloud native for their systems.

Cost Optimization

Your choices of architecture and selections of cloud services can greatly impact your Cloud bills. Our cloud architects will help you pick the right ones.

Alternative Data

We know data and how to get them. From alternative data sources, scattered information on the websites, to image processing, we have the right AI tools to help collect, interpret and organize data for your business needs.

Image Processing

Our ImageML Models can detect objects, extract text, and contextual information from images and videos to enhance your business process and decision making.


Our platform supports data collection through various API mechanisms, including event-driven, polling, streaming, and subscriptions

Public Records

Our platform is adept at extracting valuable information from public records and websites, enhancing decision making for your business.