Use Cases

Help Students Stay In School

By combining various data sources, building analytical models, and maintaining a student-centric focus, our client, a U.S. charter school, successfully tackled truancy while respecting the privacy and dignity of each student.

The Challenge

Our client recognized the need for a comprehensive strategy to identify and prevent student truancy. Traditional methods proved insufficient in addressing the complex and multifaceted nature of the problem. Understanding that student success extends beyond the classroom, the school aimed to utilize various data points to gain a holistic view of each student’s academic journey.

Data Engineering

Building a Robust Data Pipeline

Our team collaborated closely with the school to design and implement a robust data pipeline. This involved aggregating and harmonizing data from disparate sources. The goal was not only to monitor student attendance but also to uncover patterns and correlations that could potentially signal underlying issues contributing to truancy.


A Window into Student Success

To make sense of the collected data, we developed customized analytical dashboards. These dashboards provided educators and administrators with real-time insights into student performance, attendance trends, and behavioral patterns. The user-friendly interface empowered school staff to navigate through the information effortlessly, fostering a proactive approach to addressing potential truancy issues.


Anticipating Truancy Before it Occurs

Our data team implemented effective forecasting models that analyzed historical data to predict future trends in student attendance. By identifying patterns indicative of potential truancy, the school could intervene early, ensuring that students received the support they needed to stay engaged and succeed academically.


Empowered Educators, Engaged Students

Through the implementation of our data-driven solutions, the charter school witnessed a significant reduction in truancy rates. Educators were empowered with timely information, allowing them to provide targeted support to students facing challenges. The school fostered a culture of engagement and inclusivity, ensuring that no student fell through the cracks.

This achievement serves as a beacon for other educational institutions seeking innovative ways to support student success in today’s data-driven world.