Use Cases

Digital Lending

Real-time Digital Lending Decision

Our team work with multiple clients in this space where we develop real-time data pipeline, compute lending metrics and respond with lending decision and credit line amount.

Real-Time Data Engineering

Risk Mitigation

Integrating with multiple systems such as credit bereau, alternative data sources, compute financial metrics in real-line was complex, we work with clients and their partners to leverage alternative data for lending decision.

Real-Time Analysis

Credit Scoring, Alternative Data, and Risk Management System

We did not only implement the real-time data integration and analytical pipeline, but also walkthrough rationales behind lending decisions to help our clients develop the most comprehensive loan origination decision engine that matches their risk appetite. This results in some of very sophisticated and complex metrics calculated in real-time.

ML Models Integration

Forecasting repayment capability

Our team also helps integrate some of our clients’ ML models into lending decisions. We help improve the performance of our clients’ models to ensure real-time lending decision is achievable.


Sophisticated, Real-time Lending Decisions

Loan applications are able to get approval decisions within seconds. Our clients are able to underwrite millions of loans automatically. Currently, we are continuing our work with our clients to help bring more sophisticated machine learning to optimize their overall lending portfolios.

The implementation of a real-time data pipeline, coupled with the integration of machine learning models, has positioned our client as a frontrunner in the digital lending space, setting new standards for speed, risk management, and customer satisfaction